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Welcome to Restoring The Sacred Land, a community project that is creating a new land ethic, based off of the principles of deep ecology and the rejection of private property. If you have not read the article by Jeriah Bowser, originally published by the Hampton Institute, please do so here: http://www.hamptoninstitution.org/en.html#.UqqaPvRDs_Y

As a community, we are working to create a new land ethic that strikes a fine balance between the rejection of the concepts of private land-ownership the necessity of private property (as any 'true' commons would undoubtedly be exploited by less-idealistic fellows.) We have broken up this forum into several sections, with many resources to help you engage in this concept and more fully understand the need for such a land ethic. The page, entitled, "Collaborate" is where you can contribute ideas and help create a new land ethic. When we as a community have finished our new land ethic, we will post it to The Hampton Institute, where it will hopefully be a resource for people to begin implementing these concepts into their daily interactions with the earth. If you have any questions about this page or about this project in general, you can email Jeriah at [email protected] Thank You.

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